Gordana Nikezic Strela

Sinergija umetnosti i nauke

Pavle Jovanović – B.Sc.Arch.

Editor and Organizer of the Art and Literary Program of the ACADEMY 28

Undoubtedly, she is a persistent and very talented person. With the obvious fascination – with the beauty of the artistic point, persisting for many years, she has been building her art vision, with a sincere, emotional and subjective experience of the already seen.

Most importantly, it seems to me that Gordana’s painting was created, first of all, from sensibility, not from the intended, planned, programmed project. This dose of spontaneous authenticity gives her a special, self-assured conviction. She knows what she wants and what she can do with color. She knows how to use it and give it an unobtrusive but significant role, above all psychological and then artistic…

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