Gordana Nikezic Strela

Sinergija umetnosti i nauke

Ljubiša Rakić – Chairman of the SASA

Art and Science, where fields collide

Gordana Nikezic is a doctor of biological sciences in the field of Molecular Biology, with full academic and professional certification and artis (painter) as well. Her style is a colorful expression of emotions. As an artist, Gordana was able to control a full vision over the objects of her view (science, home, environment). With time , Gordana gradually transformed her concept from experience of a real object to the abstraction based on her dream and preoccupation.

We live in the era of science and culture when the number of creators (science, culture, art, business, technology, etc.) currently working worldwide exceeds the overall number of scientists who have ever lived before in all previous stages of civilization.

Science has considerably contributed to the welfare of mankind, opening new horizons to global revolution (evolution) in the history of our civilization. Art is coming at last, but not least to help the existence of civilization. Global development is not solely determined by science and technology, but, first, and foremost, by the interaction of technology, culture, and science with social and political programs. In these, the psychological status of a human being, including religious, natural and social aspects, will be in harmony with other relevant factors.

Nowdays, mankind faces a problem of mental (ideological) pollution. Therefore, the inquiry into the relation of ideology and value in the context of their interaction with biological aspect of a human is an important factor for building a new value system, optimal to coordinate one’s somatic, psychological and social being. In this technological, post-industrial era, environmental (water, air, and soil) pollution is accompanied with mental (ideological) pollution which has restricted individual and collective expressio and expansion of humanistic potentials, causing the collapse of a value system and therefore not only spiritual but also physical damage. Contemporary society often ignores individuals and their social positions, neglecting the fact that wihout a free and complacent individual free society is actually not possible.

Art with its own potential has the challenge to help proper development.

Academician, Ljubiša Rakić, Chairman of the SASA Board for International Cooperation, Professor of Neuroscience

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