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Gordana Nikezić Strela

Gordana Nikezić Strela

Gordana, research professor with PhD in biological science is the member of the art club of The Art Club Academy 28 in Belgrade.

She exhibited on 8 individual and about 50 of collective exhibitions and received many prices and awards.

How she proudly points out: she has colored view, she thinks in color and she dreams in color.

Gordana is borned and lives in Belgrade.

She has son Dušan and grandchildren, Stefan and Sofia. 


Pavle Jovanović – B.Sc.Arch.

Editor and Organizer of the Art and Literary Program of the ACADEMY 28 Undoubtedly, she is a persistent and very talented person. With the obvious fascination – with the beauty of the artistic point, persisting for many years, she has been building her art vision, with a sincere, emotional and subjective experience of the already […]


Ljubiša Rakić – Chairman of the SASA

Art and Science, where fields collide Gordana Nikezic is a doctor of biological sciences in the field of Molecular Biology, with full academic and professional certification and artis (painter) as well. Her style is a colorful expression of emotions. As an artist, Gordana was able to control a full vision over the objects of her […]



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